Reiki I - 17th December 2018

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Reiki I - 17th December 2018


My healing journey started long before 2006 when I started using Light vibrations and meditations to connect to my Guidance team.

In 2003 through circumstance, I missed an amazing opportunity to study with a very well known psychic teacher.

In 2006 I was lucky enough to have a second opportunity at vibrational healing. Looking back, realise I have been long guided to a path of light and vibration, learning my skill, applying it and then teaching it. When the opportunity arose to study Reiki, it was evidently a plan that had been put in place long before in other times and realms distant to my conscious memory.

During my Reiki Master training I had an epiphany - a life puzzle piece fell in to place and I realised, this is what I am here for - my path is healing and teaching, it brings me to the place of bliss and joy. There is never a days work, doing what I do -for the vibration and healing energy is a joyful, blissful aligned place to be.

Years after studying Reiki, I furthered my career with Life Alignment and really got to the core of understanding the transmutation of energy at its point of creation. I use these skills with my understanding of energy through my Reiki training to help many people transmute pain, grief, trapped and old energy and to re program old patterns and belief systems. By releasing old energy and blocked emotions, alignment with the Spirit can occur and all manner of manifestations can flow through the body.

My desire and understanding of my purpose back in 2006, was that I was to assist souls to reconnect to their divine purpose and their divine light. Even though I was in the beginning stages of learning those tools, Reiki helped me to align to the path. My commitment to energy, to raising vibrations on the earthly plane, and to assisting sisters and brothers in the earthly journey ensured that my further training opportunities arose at the divine time.

Reiki is a beginning journey to being able to transmit energy from higher realms.

It is the beginning of being able to understand how energy moves through the body.

It is a process of activating your innate psychic ability and becoming open to them - to assist you in the process of healing, for self or another.

Reiki is a beautiful energy, uplifiting the Spirit and the environment and bringing empowerment through the trust of Spirit through the expansion of energy. It is applied generally through the application of hands on healing.

You will enjoy this one day training if you are interested to increase your capacity to channel energy, wish to learn energy healing and want to support yourself and others to higher energetic vibrations.

You will learn how to apply hands on Reiki for the self, learn the healing positions and receive the attunements (the process used to activate your channels for healing energy to flow through) in this training.

You will also learn about chakras, and their colors and how they can assist you in energy healing.

This is a beginners workshop and there are no pre-requisites to attend, simply an open heart and mind. You will sit in a circle for the learning component - there will be opportunities for healing practices on self and each other, and during the 'attunement' process, you will sit in meditation as I move around the circle attending to each individual, holding your hands and passing the transmission of energy which will open your channels to being able to transmit higher vibrations of energy.

At the completion of the course you will have an understanding of how to prepare to use the energy, how to use it and how to understand it.

The course fee is $195.00 and includes comprehensive training manuals, morning/afternoon tea and a Certificate upon successful completion.

What to bring:

Please bring healthy vibrant lunch to share

Notebook and pen

Water bottle

Do wear comfortable loose clothing

What to avoid:

Smoking prior to or during training

Please avoid drinking alcohol for at least 3 days prior to the training

If possible please avoid caffeine on the morning of the training

As some individuals are highly sensitive please refrain from wearing strong perfumes or deodorants.

Reiki II and Reiki Master will be offered as follow up training for those that are interested and will be discussed at Reiki I. See this website for dates and bookings.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

It is my deep honour and privilege to hold this space on your spiritual journey for you. I am commited to raising the vibrations to the highest level possible, for your learning, your enjoyment and the experience of beautiful Reiki energy.

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