Living the Light

Living the Light ...

We may have said Living in the Light, but we are the living light, as much as we are also living the light.

We are the expression of the light, we are the expression of all that is. Now more than ever, the time has come to be the truth of the light and to serve from the highest aspect of your conscious awareness. Allowing the Light to move through you and align you to the power of your Spiritual connection.

Living in the Light to to me means to exist as a conduit between Spirit and Earth, to create and radiate the truth of being as a Soul Light as an existence of Spirit through the physical body. A merger, an embodiment of Soul Truth, truly visible, truly tangible through the creation of  a life worth living service to humanity through the expression and radiation of light in every living moment.

Living the Light - means you have embodied and do not separate from this merger.

There are many challenges we face in the expression of our Light. Growth opportunities, pain, loss, love, life itself gives us everything we need to experience the full myriad emotions of a sentient being and to strengthen the commitment to the Light and to our expression of it.

My intention here is to bring emotional, energetic and spiritual support to those embracing a life of light, a life of service and to bring tools of comfort, grace, serenity and peace to those in service of the Light. A resting place, a sanctuary - to rest the soul between growth opportunities, integration and development. 

Call in your divine protection.

Right now in this very moment, allow a deep radiance of golden energetic light to come in to your awareness. 

Open your receptiveness to this radiance.

Allow it to descend around and through your being.

As it moves through you - release all fears and blockages of resistance to the light.

Activate this energy movement within you several times a day for short bursts and do not over do it.

As you breathe in light - notice the parts of your body that are open and receptive.

Notice the parts of you that resist.

Be willing to let go of that resistance.


Gently breathe.


Receive the golden light and allow it to light your way.

Allow the golden light to shine within and around you - lighting the path before you.

When you step forward, become aware that your path is lit with golden rays. It is impossible for your to step off your path. 

Continue to breathe gently, until you feel utmost peace in this place.

Until we meet again, may the light of your divine spirit shine fully through and light all your ways.

My deepest love,